ISRAEL 2018 WE ARE ONE FAMILY February 20 – 22, 2018 : World Kabbalah convention in Israel -

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Daily Lessons : Study Materials

Study materials of Today’s Lesson: Feb. 16 2017 Thursday (IST) | Feb 15, 2017 Wednesday (UST) . Ten on duty: Russia Moscow Ten 8; PT 11; Haifa Ten 3 ; Bulgaria+Ukraine Odessa . Preparation Before Sleep Rabash, Steps of the Ladder – Why is the Holiday of Matzot Called “Passover” “Divinity does not dwell, except […]

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Daily Lessons: Study Materials

Study materials of Today’s Lesson: Jan. 8, 2017 Sunday (IST) | Jan 7. 2017 Saturday (UST) . Lesson topic: How do we organise the ‘MAN’ . Ten on Duty: Moscow #1; PT 27; Nahariya Georgia Tbilisi + US Chicago (NA Ten#9) + Czech-Slovakia . Preparation Before Sleep: The Ascent of Prayer All those lights and […]

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Free Kabbalah course

A life changing experience provided by Nature itself. In this course you will discover a deeper understanding of Nature, the world and who you really are. You’ll obtain tools that can help you develop a new approach to life and gain a unique perspective that will help you make sense of events in the world […]

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